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Why HTTP is the Big Game

Every now and then we get asked why our focus is so heavily on improving HTTP transport, instead of (say) the underlying TCP protocol. After all, TCP is used to haul around lots of other

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Successful Second Closed Trials

The POINT team have successfully completed a series of closed trials at the headquarters of project partner PrimeTel in Cyprus. The purpose of these trials was to prove that POINT technology can improve the Quality

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Successful First Closed Trial

Bristol, UK, 13th June, 2017 POINT partners InterDigital Europe and CTVC ran a successful closed trial today using InterDigital’s relationship with the Bristol is Open joint venture and its smart city network. 30 users from

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Transporting Internet traffic: CCN/NDN vs. POINT

Any new Internet architecture has to accept that it is impossible to replace the existing IP-based Internet in one step. The prevailing approach to deployment is creating individual network “islands” using the new approach, show

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What is the right x for x-over-ICN?

Considering the difficulty of introducing new technologies into the Internet, as evidenced by the span of years that the migration from IPv4 to IPv6 is taking, any transition to ICN must consider how existing Internet

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POINT Facilitates Improved Handover QoS with Reduced Traffic Costs

The POINT project has proposed a new mechanism to support handover of mobile users that makes use of its unique path based forwarding. Here we describe this exciting new approach to handling mobility as described

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