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Bristol, UK, 13th June, 2017

POINT partners InterDigital Europe and CTVC ran a successful closed trial today using InterDigital’s relationship with the Bristol is Open joint venture and its smart city network. 30 users from around the city gave their time to take part in a city wide treasure hunt using a mobile app developed specially for the trial. In teams of three, players had to solve clues to uncover letters hidden in six different locations. Once they had uncovered a letter, they shared it with the team mates by sending them short videos. Their team mates then watched the videos to add the same letter to their code line. To compare the overall service performance, specifically that of distributing and watching the videos produced by the teams, the teams were randomly assigned at the beginning of the game to either play over POINT’s IP-over-ICN or a traditional IP network. A prize of a £100 voucher for a city centre restaurant was on offer to encourage users to sign up and take part. Beyond the specific POINT focus on this trial, it has also been a staging effort for the experiments planned to be conducted in the recently started H2020 FLAME project, where the POINT solution will be an integral part of the media delivery platform being used throughout 2018/2019.

Stuart Porter, from CTVC said “We were delighted that so many teams took part in the trial, and reported that they had enjoyed the experience”. Dirk Trossen from InterDigital Europe said “We are excited that the comparison of our solution against traditional IP has unveiled visible performance benefits both for users and media service providers alike.”

While the closed trial was conducted on an invitation-only basis, an open public trial will follow in July 2017.