In November/December 2017 Partners PrimeTel and CTVC ran the planned POINT closed trial at PrimeTel’s offices in Limassol, Cyprus.

Over 2 weeks, thirty-nine participants gave up their time to give us their opinions and compare HLS streaming video and live IPTV channels which were delivered using our state-of-the-art POINT network with content delivered using traditional IP. Whilst they were watching the content, we simulated exceptional circumstances users may face with video content on conventional multimedia services. The first exceptional condition simulated extreme network congestion, while the second simulated a broken link due to significant upgrades to the ISP network. Participants were not told when they were watching content delivered via POINT and when they were watching content delivered via IP. Throughout the experiment the participants were asked to complete questionnaires and they were interviewed at the end, both of these activies were designed to assess the quality of their experience.

In early 2018 PrimeTel ran a live trial in the homes of eight customers. All homes participating in the trial were connected to PTL’s broadband internet service in the area of Limassol, Cyprus. We provided both HLS and IPTV services for free to participating homes, running side-by-side with their regular internet and IPTV subscriptions. In total, we provided 52 channels for free to all users for one month. Each home was asked to provide an adult to fill out three questionnaires during the first two weeks of the trial when content was delivered via conventional IP. They were then asked to provide a second adult to full in three questionnaires during the second two weeks of the trial when content was delivered via POINT.

A full descriptipon and results from the PrimeTel trials are included in our final two project deliverables – D5.3 explains the experiments carried out and D4.5 explains the results.