Below are a series of videos which feature POINT.


A short film about the POINT trials we ran in Cyprus in November/December 2017

A short film about the first POINT closed trial on the Bristol Is Open network in June 2017

Dirk Trossen Demonstrates Flexible IP routing and IP Multicast enabled through POINT at MWC 2017.

A second interview with Dirk Trossen on Interdigital’s Stand at MWC 2017 where we demonstrated the POINT platform.

Dirk Trossen demonstrates InterDigital’s latest innovations and shares thoughts on 5G at 5G World 2016.

Day 2 of our live feed from the InterDigital booth at MWC 2016, using millimeter wave 5G technology to stream virtual reality with ~1 millisecond latency.

Dirk Trossen, principal engineer for InterDigital’s London office, discusses Information Centric Networks (ICN) with Jeff Mucci, RCR Wireless News.

Key drivers for web-centric service providers like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Netflix and the like, as well as traditional telecom companies including mobile operators and cable companies, are reducing transportation cost and improving quality of service via streaming content over switched networks and ensuring that content is located one hop from the customer.