Detailed interview with Dirk Trossen on RCR Wireless Networks News

POINT's Technical Co-ordinator, Dirk Trossen from InterDigital, was interviewed recently about POINT on RCR Wireless Networks News. You can watch the whole interview below.

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On 14th July we made history with the first ever IP packet sent over-ICN-over-SDN. You can ready our full press release here

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EuCNC 2015 Paper Presentation

In May 2015, we published our first Technical Blog "IP Over ICN – The Better IP? An Unusual Take on Information-Centric Networking" which was based on a planned presentation at EuCNC. In July we made

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POINT Flyer Available

The new POINT Flyer is now available. It gives two early use case examples of how POINT would be useful if embedded in the network. The first use case focuses on an operator upgrade story

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POINT kick-off meeting

The POINT's kick-off meeting is currently being hosted (20-22 January 2015) by the project's coordinator Aalto University in Finland. All consortium partners are present. These two and a half days days have been an excellent occasion for the consortium members

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POINT website has launched

POINT website has just launched. We are still working on it for further improvements.

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