Bristol: Famed as home to Brunel, Wallace and Gromit and now the UK’s first programmable smart city network – Bristol Is Open (BIO).

Bristol Is Open is a test bed in the centre of Bristol. It’s a place for experimenters to try out new ways to use connectivity and networking technologies to deliver services and applications.

From Monday 18th September to Friday 22nd September you can explore the city in a fun and interactive way in our first Live Trial using our Android app, which is designed to help you find some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. We are looking for technology testers, people who would be keen to have the opportunity to try out a new treasure-hunt style game which is running on Bristol Is Open. If you are a networking and connectivity savvy person, the project is proving the use of novel IP networking technology, which in simple terms will contribute to 5G technology development. More specifically, the technology will improve on experienced latency of services over the network, such as video playouts, while reducing the overall network utilization when accessing such services.

bio-app-screensFeatures of our App:

  • Play in a team of three to uncover 6 missing letters of a code hidden around the city.
  • Solve a series of challenges to uncover unusual facts and discover a secret code.
  • Complete the hunt as fast as you can to ensure your team reaches the highest position in the leader board.
  • Compete as a team and complete our questionnaire for a chance to win a £100 voucher for a city centre restaurant*.

Things to be aware of:

  • The trial is designed to evaluate the design of the game and the technology behind it.
  • It should not take more than 40 minutes of your time to participate in the trial.
  • As the scavenger hunt is around the centre of the city, and against the clock, you should expect some level of outdoor activity.
  • Each player will need an Android phone or tablet onto which you are willing to download our app from PlayStore – the app can be deleted after the trial is completed.
  • Each player will be asked to complete short questionnaires during the trial. Completion of the questionnaires is necessary for entry into the prize draw.
  • To start the game, you will need to connect to the BIO network. Simply download the app and start it while being in Bristol. An offline map will appear showing you where to go to connect to the BIO network. Once you get there you will automatically be connected to the network, then simply follow the instructions on the screen.

The following short video gives you instrcutions on what to do to start playing after you have downloaded the app to your Android device.


Remember, things may go wrong. This is an experiment and proving some really ground breaking technology in the background. We apologise beforehand in case things go wrong and appreciate your patience!

*Please note, only teams who have completed our voluntary questionnaires will be entered into the prize draw. You can complete the questionnaire after you have taken part in the trial. if you missed it in the app, you can complete it here

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