The main goal of the POINT project is to develop technology, innovations, and business value chains for commercially viable IP-over-ICN networking.

The following objectives have been defined:

  1. Define a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for an existing operational IP-based network
  2. Define a unifying POINT communication platform with a clear specification of interfaces
  3. Develop a set of networking technologies that map the common Internet abstractions onto the abstractions offered by an information-centric network
  4. Develop a set of resource coordination mechanisms improving the overall utilization of the network
  5. Implement and validate a POINT communication platform prototype
  6. Deploy and evaluate the POINT platform prototype in a real-world field trial
  7. Evaluate the commercial viability of the POINT IP-over-ICN platform as an alternative to IP networks
  8. Establish POINT as a key driver in the wider ICN community